Top Attractions in Ontario’s Marinas

Are you searching for a place to spend your vacation? Look no further. Boating is a fun activity that can lead you to a place you never imagined. Marinas in Ontario are ideal destinations that will provide an array of endless opportunities for making lifetime memories. The province has streams, beaches and other attraction sites you will never forget. In recreational boating, you can get your feet wet in various ways. For instance, if you are not ready to dive into boat buying, you can rent the vessel from companies found within the docks. This post captures information about the top attractions in Ontario’s marinas.

Trent Port Marina

Trent Port is a one of a kind, first-class municipal marina. The dock is strategically located in the thriving town of Trenton. The town features special attraction features, like historic sites, plus entertainment, banking, dining, and shopping. In addition, the marina provides access to several renowned waterways, such as Rideau Canal, Murray Canal, Trent-Seven Waterways, and the Bay of Quinte.

Thornbury Harbor

Thornbury Harbor is located at the doorstep of the beautiful royal harbor. This spot is famous for its various attractive features. Some of the things that will drive you to the harbor include the pier, offering a diving spot, Georgian Bay, where one can watch boats coming in and out of the harbor. Moreover, you can enjoy a walk in the mix of rocky pebbles and the soft sands of Little River Beach.

Frenchman’s Bay

If you want to embrace the natural beauty of boating, this is the right place to be. The bay provides facilities and amenities that make a visit enjoyable and comfortable. Moreover, the spot is an excellent destination for a family vacation. The place is beautiful and has several attractions. Within walking distance, you can access the nautical village, a land and water-based recreational park, and enjoy social leisure activities.