The Largest Marinas You Need to Visit in Toronto, Canada

Almost all Canadians love their lakes. They have over 50% of all the natural lakes in the world, which gives them a good reason to smile. These lakes contribute to making Canada a great country. This guide outlines Canada’s top marinas, located on different lakes in or around Toronto.

Outer Harbour Marina

While you’re in Canada, you can visit the Outer Harbour Marina. It is located in Toronto and just ten minutes’ drive from the city’s downtown core. It has become an urban marina that is the most accessible hotspot in Toronto. As such, people can travel to this place easily. The nearby airport, Billy Bishop Airport, helps visitors to reach this destination in no time.

Friday Harbour

On Lake Simcoe, you can find Friday Harbour. It is the largest marina in Canada, with a huge capacity. That means it has plenty of exciting things to offer. This resort project can offer you many things that include the slip marina, multi-million dollar condos, a golf course, and much more.

Macdonald Turkey Point Marina

Located on the north shore of Lake Erie, Macdonald Turkey Point Marina offers seasonal slips. Those who own cottages can rent access to the waterways. Therefore, they can go back to marinas from nearby lodges. This marina offers essential things, such as boat maintenance, used boat deals, restaurant services, and a fuel dock.

Krate’s Marina

If you take a one-hour drive from Toronto, you’ll find Krate’s Marina. It lies on a 32-acre piece of land. Moreover, it embraces over 500 slips. In this marina, you can find the best boat services and parts. Recently, they included a boat rental package to marinas.

You can visit some of the largest marinas outlined above. Maybe you’ll have the best boating experience in these marinas. Besides, Toronto has the best marinas that offer the best tourist attraction sites.