Policies for Marinas in Ontario

Marina operators have policies that are given to tenants living in Ontario’s marinas. These policies must be adhered to by the interested parties. However, an agreement is subject to change from time to time. Thus, tenants must understand marina policies before they sign any document. Here are a few points to help you get to grips with marina policies in Ontario.

Updates to Agreement

Any policy agreement remains effective unless terminated. That means tenants and marine operators have agreed on a common policy. Moreover, either party can choose to terminate a contract. In this case, the marina operators can revisit their policies.

When a tenant breaches or violates the marina’s policies, the marina operators can terminate the tenant’s license of operation. Therefore, tenants in Ontario’s marinas must adhere to the policy agreement provided by the operators.

Tenant Insurance

People who become tenants in Ontario’s marinas must insure their boats. The insurance must cover the content of a vessel and its operation. A marine coverage offered by a marina can include up to $2,000,000 CDN. Tenants who want to use their boats in marinas during the winter period must also have an insurance policy. This will help to cater for damages in case of any adverse effects on the vessel.

Boat Maintenance

The marina’s policy requires all tenants to maintain their boats from time to time. That means all boats in Ontario marinas must be seaworthy. All boats must have a well-maintained structure and be clean. They must also have a functional mechanical setup. Thus, maintaining boats can prevent damages and sea risks.

Outside Contractors

According to the marina policy, no outside contractor is allowed to operate in marinas without approval. The marina operators must provide a license to all tenants. Therefore, contractors who want to work in Ontario’s marinas must be approved by marina operators.