How Ontario’s Marinas are Preventing the Spread of Covid-19

If you want to enjoy boating, Ontario is the right place for you. The province has several marinas where you can keep your boat safe. However, if you don’t own a vessel yourself, you can find several companies renting their boats in Ontario’s marinas. Although, with the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are afraid of accessing congested places like marinas. Fear not, as several measures are in place to curb the rapid spread of the virus. Some of the measures that everyone in the dock must observe are highlighted below.

Sanitization and Fumigation

The Coronavirus can live on a surface for several days. Therefore, people can contract the infection even without contact with infected people. As such, everyone is advised to follow the guidelines given for proper sanitization. Regularly washing hands with sanitizers is essential in the fight against the disease.

Furthermore, boat rental companies are required to fumigate their vessels after every boating trip. Besides, to kill any virus that could be left on the boat before the vessel is rented, fumigation must take place.

Wearing Face Masks

Everyone operating in the docks is responsible for his or her health. Hence, since face masks are essential weapons in the fight against the pandemic, everyone is expected to wear them. Authorities and companies operating in the docks are mandated with the responsibility of ensuring that no one operates in the docks without a mask.

Observing Social Distancing

Although the docks are always crowded, companies have been forced to reduce the number of workers. Therefore, congestion in marinas has been reduced. However, everyone accessing the docks is advised to keep the physical distance of two or one and a half meters, advised by the health ministries. Moreover, the number of people boarding a boat has also been reduced to provide enough space for social distancing.