Camping at Holiday Harbour Marina in Ontario

In Ontario, you will find the Holiday Harbour Marina, with its stylish cottages and camping rentals. Moreover, people who visit this place can benefit from RV cottage premiums. Visitors can enjoy different types of cottages at the Holiday Harbour Marina. These cottages include two bedrooms with two baths, a family unit, and a two-bedroom one bath. Here are useful things to know before planning your trip to the Holiday Harbour Marina in Ontario.

Sites with Ample Space

Campers will be excited about the space they will find at Holiday Harbour Marina. This place provides suitable ground for various activities. Therefore, you can head there with your family and have days of fun. Moreover, they have a small cottage that is pet friendly, allowing those with small pets to enjoy the Holiday Harbour Marina, too.

Activities Available at the Holiday Harbour Marina

While you’re in Canada, there are many reasons to visit the Holiday Harbour Marina. This place offers various outdoor activities to its customers. Visitors in this resort can engage in multiple events with their families, for example, renting boats, kayaks or canoes. Individuals can also enjoy hiking, swimming, and the best restaurant services in this marina.

Online Reservation

Online bookings are available for those who wish to reserve a place for their family at the marina. This resort offers digital services to customers around the world. Therefore, people who love visiting the Holiday Harbour Marina can book and pay for accommodation online.

Ship Stores

If you have a ship, or you have rented one, you need not worry. You can find ship stores and ample parking. Besides, this resort offers reliable security to its customers. It would help if you packed your boat in one of their ship stores.


Those who have been to Holiday Harbour Marina understand the kind of experience this resort offers. From ample space and outdoor activities to online reservations, everyone is sure to enjoy their time here.