Canada prides itself on the many docks and docking services it offers. The country has many lakes, big rivers and other water bodies. As such, Ontario takes much pride in the water bodies since more than half of marinas in Canada are found in the province. This blog provides engaging and informative posts about marinas and the services they offer in Ontario.

Furthermore, you will understand the policies that operators and tenants must follow in the marinas. Since the procedures are subject to change over time, one must always stay updated. However, in this blog, you will find critical information about the policies that you should know.

Moreover, this blog provides information about the breathtaking destinations to visit in Ontario marinas. This useful information is provided in the following sections:

  • Important details about marinas in Ontario
  • Health measures that marinas should follow to curb the spread of COVID-19
  • The largest Ontario marinas to visit
  • Attractions at Ontario marinas
  • Policies to follow in Ontario marinas
  • Benefits of booking boats online in Ontario
  • Local attractions provided by Ontario harbours and marinas
  • A guide into camping holidays at Ontario marinas

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